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Cyber Security Today

Understanding Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity entails the measures that are taken by a company or individual aiming to protect an information system from attacks. The attacks are often carried out by hackers exploiting vulnerabilities within the system in an attempt to gain access without authorization. Some of these techniques have been around for decades but still seem to be quite effective to date. Here are some of them;


This is one of the most common modes of information system attack. The main purpose of this method is to obtain users’ personal data such as banking details, passwords, user-names and other types of sensitive information. Usually, a phishing attack will be presented to a user as an email or a link from a seemingly legitimate source and they will be prompted to click open the email or link, and that is when the information system will be compromised.


These are programs designed with the malicious intent of causing havoc to a system. Some of the common types of malware are trojan, viruses, and worms. They all have different modes of action but the end result is the same, that is, to cause a malfunction in the system.

SQL injection

This is an attack that is normally targeted at systems that use SQL database management systems and have not implemented any Cybersecurity measures. The intention of the cyber-attack is to access the system database that contains valuable user information. One of the common signs that your system has been hacked is not being able to log in to the system. Another way that most people will notice is when there’s activity using their credentials, that they have not authorized. Sudden system shutdown or crash is another sure sign of a breached system. Just as there are countless threats to our information, numerous Cybersecurity practices have been created such as using firewalls, installing anti-virus software, educating users on what to look out for and avoiding clicking suspicious links as well as always keeping the system up to date with security measures.